We are the Best Alcohol de addiction treatment centre in madurai. It is widely understood that people respond better to treatments for psychiatric/psychological illness outside of hospitals in familiar surroundings. Hospitalization is only usually needed for people who need intensive help and support to manage their problems.

Best Alcohol de addiction treatment centre in madurai

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling with a  professional counselor is provided based on the need of the individual.

Illness Education

Psychiatric, Psychological, Awareness & Advocacy. (Assistance to Stop Smoking and Using Tobacco Related Products.)The Origin of the Addiction is due to biological, Genetic, Psychological and Social. The Addiction is a Treatable Disease.

Family Therapy

De-addiction requires counseling of family members for better outcome. We involve all the family members to create good treatment support base. This leads to modification of the participant’s lifestyle.

Group counseling

Group counseling makes the participants to build self-support groups.